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John O’Rourke


John O’Rourke is the founder and Chairman of Plenary, an international property and infrastructure investment company, specialising in public-private partnerships (PPPs).

Since the establishment of Plenary in Australia in 2004 and Canada in 2005, Plenary has developed a portfolio of PPP assets across Australia, Canada and the US.

Prior to establishing Plenary in 2004, John spent 10 years leading the Melbourne-based Infrastructure Capital business of ABN AMRO (formerly BZW), recognised at that time as the market leader in the PPP sector.

He is a director of Flagship Property Holdings, a board member of the Australian Grand Prix Corporation and in December 2022 appointed President of the Richmond Football Club where he has been a member of the board for seven years. 

John was also a board director of the Victoria Racing Club for eight years and during his term served as Honorary Treasurer and Vice Chairman. 

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