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University of Idaho Utility System Project

ProjectUniversity of Idaho Utility System Project
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The University of Idaho (the University) and Sacyr Plenary Utility Partners Idaho LLC (SPUPI) have entered into a 50-year contract under which SPUPI will operate and maintain the University’s campus utility system and deliver certain system renovations and improvements in exchange for periodic utility fee payments from the University of Idaho.

The project allows for the University of Idaho to make significant investments in its core educational mission while also benefitting from the SPUPI team’s record of world class asset management.

Project facts


Moscow, Idaho, USA


University of Idaho

Value (NPV)

US $225 million


Sacyr Plenary Utility Partners Idaho (SPUPI)

Plenary Americas' role

Equity investor

Manager of the SPV

Financial adviser



Financial close date

December 2020

Contract terms

50 years, FOM

Design features

The project features four principal systems: district heating, district cooling, water distribution, and electricity distribution. Not only is the Concessionaire responsible for the operations and maintenance of these systems, but also the major repair, rehabilitation, and expansion as required to meet the University’s needs over the entire 50-year term. Each major intervention will require a tailored design and construction plan pursuant to an overarching capital works program, which is collaboratively developed by the University and Concessionaire and jointly updated on an annual basis.

Image of utility plant pipes


The project team has incorporated several technical and commercial innovations within the Concession to assist the University in achieving their broader technical, financial, environmental, and social goals. Our team will endeavor to:

  • modernize and maintain utility system assets in similar or better condition,
  • support research opportunities in utility system facilities for student, faculty & staff researchers,
  • assist the University with their Climate Action Plan and goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030,
  • implement a micro grid on campus in order to potentially achieve institutional energy independence, and
  • incorporate in-building energy conservation measures and other demand management strategies.

Local Economic Impacts

The SPUPI team has committed making a $225 million upfront payment to the University for the right to enter into the contract, $153.1 million of which will be placed directly into a Strategic Initiatives Fund the University will invest in its core educational mission.

In addition to the upfront payment, the SPUPI team is also committed to serving as a long-term partner to the University. Plenary and Sacyr will both actively participate in student enrichment through internship programs and on-campus lectures.

The SPUPI team is also making an active effort to retain and incorporate existing utility system employees into its world-class asset management network.

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