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David Lamming

Chief Executive Officer

David joined Plenary at its inception in 2004, and since that time has played an integral part in the development of the business from its standing start to becoming a market leading infrastructure business that Plenary is today.

David took over as Chief Executive Officer at the beginning of 2020, and from there he oversees the day-to-day running of Plenary’s business in Australia and New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East and the UK and Europe, managing a multi-disciplinary team of professional staff and driving the group’s growth strategy.

David transitioned into this role from his former role as Chief Investment Officer, which he held since 2017. As Chief Investment Officer, he was responsible for Plenary’s capital deployment, specifically including the implementation and management of the group’s corporate debt and other financing relationships, with oversight of new investments and divestments at a corporate level.

He previously held the position of Head of Origination, being ultimately responsible for Plenary’s pursuit of project opportunities and during which time he was actively involved in the structuring, negotiation and execution of a number of projects undertaken or tendered by the group.

From 2012, he was responsible for the oversight and management of Plenary’s interest in the South Wharf Melbourne retail and commercial precinct, developed in conjunction with the Melbourne Convention Centre project.

Before joining Plenary, David worked at ABN AMRO in the Melbourne-based Infrastructure Capital team which had, at that time, a market-leading position in the delivery of social infrastructure projects, having been responsible for more than 30 successful projects.

Previous roles for David included property investment banking and several years working as a property and commercial lawyer.

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